dISCOVER your education

The process of application in university is not easy at all. In many cases some details are underestimated.

Our job is to find the right place for you so that you will be satisfied and happy with the education because it is the most important investment in your future. To make one of the most crucial decisions for you is hard. We trust your judgment and carefully prepare individual profile based on our experience. You do our best to complete the full range of activities and take the most reasonable stepts to your bright future career.

Our experience makes us confident and secure in the support that we provide you throughout the admission process. We know that there are times of doubt, but we do not doubt you.

We believe in each of you and for us it is a privilege to be a part of your growth, development and success.

We will go through the following stages with you:

– Selection of specialty

– Choice of university

– Necessary documents

1 / Personal Statement

2 / Recommendations

3 / Academic Transcript

5 / Certificate in English

6 / Extracurricular activities and Certificates

7 / Interview

8 / Portfolio

 – Applying for loans, grants, scholarships

 – Accommodation

 – Purchase of air ticket

And last but not least – an action plan that we prepare to be sure it’s all going to happen on time and not miss anything important.

Each goal can be achieved, any dream can be true, if you are well prepared for the moment that will allow this to happen, but we will be next to you.